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HypnoBirthing A Celebration of Life

 HypnoBirthing™    enables you to rediscover the truth that birth should be a calm and natural process.  HypnoBirthing™ focuses on teaching you and your partner simple but specialised relaxation & breathing techniques, making the whole birth experience easier, calmer and more comfortable.

HypnoBirthing™ is a complete birth education programme and is much more than just self hypnosis or hypnotherapy for childbirth. With HypnoBirthing™, you will discover that severe pain does not have to be an accompaniment of labour and you will learn how to release the fears and anxieties you may currently have about giving birth.

HypnoBirthing™  Sessions are available on an Individual basis
(Group classes may also be available)

HypnoBirthing™ - The Mongan Method is a unique method of relaxed, natural childbirth education, enhanced by self-hypnosis techniques.  Hypnosis is a naturally induced state of relaxation connecting mind and body.  Our mind influences what we think, how we feel, choices we make and the actions we carry out.  In many cases, it can actually control pain.

The International Network of HypnoBirthing™ Practitioners is forwarding the message of calm and gentle births in 32 countries throughout the world.  However, there are practitioners offering programs that attempt to replicate HypnoBirthing™. If you are seeking childbirth education classes for labour and birthing using HypnoBirthing™, be sure that the person you have contacted has been trained and certified by the HypnoBirthing™ Institute.  As a birthing method, HypnoBirthing™ is as new as tomorrow and as old as ancient times.

There is no magic to achieving success with self-hypnosis and almost anyone who chooses to can reach deep relaxation and redirect their focus.

Introduction to HypnoBirthing


The Benefits

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Testimonial - Delighted Dad

I have to start by saying I was a little cynical when my partner first brought up the idea of Hypno-Birthing™. However, from the moment we met Pam I very quickly began to see the potential benefits to my partner Kate and our unborn baby. 

I genuinely cannot praise Pam highly enough. As well as making us feel one hundred percent comfortable from the beginning, Pam’s passion and belief in Hypno-Birthingis matched only by her dedication towards ensuring the best start in life for your new family.

The cost of Hypno-Birthingseems incredibly low in relation to the benefits, and especially considering the time that Pam dedicated to us, often working with us well past the scheduled hours.

We opted for a home birth, which is something we would have not even considered before Hypno-Birthing, and the whole birthing experience really was relaxed and enjoyable for both Kate and myself. Instead of just being ‘support’, I actually became an integral part of the birthing process. More importantly, Kate was able to stay calm and focused throughout, using the various techniques that we had been taught.

As a result of being able to be an active part of the birth, I can honestly say that I felt much closer to my partner and had an immediate bond with our baby.

I have no doubt that the quality of the course, and critically the experience of birthing, was immeasurably enriched by Pam and her input, ongoing support, and understanding. However, that is not a criticism of the course in anyway, and is indeed just the highest praise I can bestow on Pam for her professionalism and skill in her field.

Not only would I not hesitate to recommend Pam and Hypno-Birthingto others, I would be happy to chat with anyone thinking of taking the course and share my experience with them.