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Motivational Coaching & Hypnotherapy


Motivational Coaching

How does Coaching Work?

We decide together the place you want to be in life and then work to get you there. This helps you to focus on the larger goals that you set for yourself, while keeping your life manageable.... Simple!

Our time together will inspire you...motivate you...challenge you. Together we will brainstorm on how best to achieve the results you want to achieve and with regular check-ins on your progress, success can be achieved in a matter of months instead of years. With rapid results, you become more accountable and less accepting of passive behaviour and self-limiting beliefs.

Coaching Style

The coaching style I use is carefully balanced to take a holistic view of your general wellbeing and lifestyle.

It's an approach which I have designed to help discover inner-resources unique to you and personal solutions you can affect - those that we each hold within ourselves. My approach is individual to each person, as each person is individual... I look to see what works best.

We will take time to analyse/review, discuss and re-frame challenges that might appear too big to handle. My intent is to help you live a happy life; feeling confident, in control and on top of your day to day existence. This approach will help you to enjoy your life in a positive way... feeling energised and up-lifted.

I will assist you to create a coaching plan that you are comfortable with and are happy to maintain. Ongoing, we can work with this weekly, once a month, twice every three months - whatever you feel is most helpful to you.

You are free to talk about your sessions with everyone in your life. In fact, I would be delighted for you to do so. However, on my part, all sessions are treated as confidential.

Career  Goals & Career Change  
s a coach, my objective is to keep you motivated, help you to be confident and support you to explore all your options by maximising your skill sets. I will help you focus and progress with your goals in life.

Having relocated several times in the course of my own career, my work practice has adapted and changed and with this, I bring a unique perspective to career and life coaching.

I've learned to adopt a flexible approach, I’ve faced numerous challenges and I've loved my work and, at times, I've also dreaded it.

Stress & Anxiety Awareness  
(in other words... Good Mental Health)  

You are as individual as your thoughts and needs and you’ll react differently to stresses at different stages in your life. For most of us, life is like a rollercoaster – it has ups and it has downs and with the right understanding, it can be easier to cope with at difficult and troubled times.

Some stress can be important too - the right kind of stress motivates and drives us.


EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique    

As a therapeutic technique there is little else to equal its simplicity and effectiveness. Many experienced therapists now report typical success rates of 80-95% for many conditions.

The immediate history of EFT is short; its future looks to be much longer.

It is suggested that the tapping induces a mini-REM state in the brain which re-organises how we store and process information. This is medically proven with the use of EEG machines (which measures brainwaves.)  These tests show that brainwave patterns do respond to the tapping.

EFT originated from TFT (Thought Field Therapy), which was discovered by acupuncturist and psychologist Dr Roger Callahan and has more recently been adopted by many medical and health professionals.

Like so many practitioners, I am genuinely intrigued as to how EFT works and until science gives us a definite answer I am quite happy to wait and continue to share EFT with others.

Having survived all this, I am highly equipped to know the emotional roller coaster of career and work issues – and balancing a personal life too. Working together, we’ll consult and agree on how best to get you where you want to be.... whilst maintaining balance in your entire life. Be it on a personal or professional basis.

However increased and prolonged anxiety and stress can be debilitating and we all know the effects! Sleepless nights, mood swings, poor concentration, changes in appetite, anxiety, poor health, low immune system,  panic attacks and feelings of depression are some of the effects to name a few!

Individual anxiety & stress management sessions can help you to:-